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Financial Planning denotes the process of determining whether and how an individual can meet life goals through the proper management of financial resources. The process typically includes, but is not limited to, the six elements of establishing and defining client goals, analyzing and evaluating their financial status, developing and presenting financial planning recommendations and / or alternatives, implementing the planning recommendations and monitoring those recommendations. The planning subject areas covered in the process typically include but not limited to, financial statement preparation and analysis (including cash flow analysis / planning and budgeting), investment planning (including portfolio design, asset allocation, and portfolio management), income tax planning, education planning, risk management, retirement planning, and estate planning. Retirement Planning: An extended process of Financial Planning. This involves the identification of assets and to whom you wish to bequeath them. We will identify and recommend which assets should be gifted for income tax reduction purposes. Retirement Planning includes structuring retirement accounts to last for generations by providing the information necessary for you to make educated choices. Long term care and many other issues are addressed during this process. Contact us today to have a financial or retirement plan designed especially for you.